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MT Post editing and Proofreading

La Machine Translation è una forma di IA, supportata da programmi specifici di settore, che consente di tradurre testi di varia natura da una lingua verso l’altra. Velocizza notevolmente il lavoro dell’essere umano ma non è in grado di sostituirlo.

Machine Translation - What it is and when to use it

We have all heard of Artificial Intelligence.

Machine Translation is a form of AI, supported by industry-specific programs, that allows various texts to be translated from one language to another. 

We can call it “automatic” translation and, like all automatisms, it greatly speeds up the work of human beings, but cannot substitute them. 

In fact, the result of machine translation must always undergo post editing by a human translator to avoid not only misunderstandings but also syntactically and grammatically incorrect sentences.

Human POST EDITING is therefore required, since only human translators are focused, accurate and able to contextualize. 

Last but not least:

  1. Machine translation works only for the most widely used and European languages.
  2. It cannot be used in marketing, advertising, creative, or any context of uncommon use.


The advantages?

Saving time and, of course, reducing costs

You can submit your texts to us, so that we can analyze them and verify whether you can use this technology supported by post editing.

Machine Translation