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Area4 services

Customer Satisfaction and Quality are our key objectives.

Our policy is based on a fundamental concept: identify our customers’ needs in order to promptly and accurately get their message out to the world.

Traduzioni - Area4, Language service providers


Technical, Medical, Scientific, Legal, Contracts, Economics, Finance, Financial Statements, Patents, Web Sites, Software Localization, Marketing, Advertising, Sworn and Certified translations. Thorough review of all translated texts before delivery to the customer.

Machine Translation - Area4, Language service providers

MT Post editing and Proofreading

Machine Translation is a form of AI, supported by industry-specific programs, that allows various texts to be translated from one language to another. It can greatly speed up the work of human being, but cannot replace it.

Interpretariati - Area4, Language service providers


Simultaneous interpreting for meetings, events, conferences, consecutive interpreting, business interpreting, factory tours, technical training courses. Audio equipment rental: headsets, microphones and receivers, booths.

Language Training - Area4 language service providers

Language training

Corporate or group training, one-to-one modules, crash courses, i.e. intensive full-time language training with native speakers. Preparation of specific training courses according to requirements, and the creation of specific glossaries for the customer's field of work.

Voice Overs - Area4 language service providers

Voice overs

Voices of male and female professional actors of different ages for multilingual and multimedia recording, corporate audio and video recordings, tours for iPads, iPods and other MP4 and WAV formats or as required.