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Corporate or group training, one-to-one modules, crash courses, i.e. intensive full-time language training with native speakers. Preparation of specific training courses according to requirements, and the creation of specific glossaries for the customer’s field of work.

Corporate or Group training

Language training of personnel is now a key objective for all companies that operate in the global market.

Our courses are specially designed for our clients and are divided into modules aimed at helping the students reach a set goal, such as an officially recognized certification or a specific level of knowledge in a foreign language. 

Our teachers are all native speakers with several years of experience in teaching adults. Along with the language classes, they can also prepare a study programme that meets the requirements of the specific field of work.

We also provide “standard” language training modules and modules focused on specific topics: grammar, technical language, specialized terminology or business communication.

One-to-one training

One-to-one courses are ideal for professionals who want to learn a foreign language or who want to improve their skills in order to reach their goals quickly and effectively.

For professionals who want a tailor-made learning experience, we organize lessons with native speaker teachers, whether during lunchtime or after work. Our teachers deliver their lessons in a variety of convenient ways:  not only through the standard face-to-face lesson, but also lessons in remote mode, using the most common apps such as Teams or Zoom, with modules organized specifically for those who cannot leave their workstation.

Crash courses

If time is not on your side, then this solution will help you get quick results.

Our native speaker teachers will spend full days with you, alternating between normal and interactive lessons, and sessions dealing with everyday activities, quickly improving the fluidity of your conversation, your vocabulary and your approach to the language you’re learning.

A full immersion in the language you are learning and in a “foreign” context, while physically remaining in Italy. 

We organize One-to-one or Group modules that can be delivered at our offices or externally, even in pleasant locations during training weekends.

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