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Simultaneous interpreting for meetings, events, conferences, consecutive interpreting, business interpreting, factory tours, technical training courses. Audio equipment rental: headsets, microphones and receivers, booths.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting

We provide professional simultaneous and consecutive interpreters for conferences, meetings, television broadcasts or media events. 

Simultaneous interpreters work in booths with infra-red systems or using Bidule system headsets, or alternatively in “oversound” mode, simultaneously translating one or more speakers.

Since their work requires the greatest mental alertness and attention, they always work in pairs, alternating in the booth every 20-30 minutes.

Consecutive interpreters, on the other hand, are used for conferences or meetings where a “consecutive” translation is required.  In such cases, the interpreter listens to the speaker for 5/10 minutes and then translates the speech in the target language, summarizing the main points.

This type of interpreter is particularly useful when interaction with the audience is required or when, for technical reasons, it is not possible to use booths or headsets for simultaneous interpreting.

All the interpreters we use for simultaneous and consecutive interpreting are members of relevant professional associations and are properly screened and evaluated before entrusting them with the job.

Factory tours

Hostesses, bilingual guides, interpreters and technical staff to accompany and manage tours for groups or international delegations.

The use of wireless headsets (the so-called “bidule” system) makes it easier to manage tours, even in very noisy environments.

Technical training courses

Training is becoming increasingly important for multinational companies or for companies that have overseas branches.

Provide suitable training to a group of technicians in the language of the country they come from is a means to deliver technical knowledge and convey a professional image to those who travel to attend training courses.

Rental of audio and video equipment - Headsets - Booths

Simultaneous interpretation booths with infra-red systems- wireless headsets- radio microphones- audio equipment – screens- projectors. These are the tools we make available to our customers for their conferences, presentations or meetings.

Experienced technical staff will prepare and fit all the equipment and provide continuous technical support throughout the event.

Providing simultaneous interpreting supported by the tools required and latest technology, we aim at ensuring that our customers receive a comprehensive and fully organized service, throughout all of its stages.

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